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About Appozitegeist

My name is Jenn Deering Davis, and I’m Chief of Community Experience and co-founder of Appozite, a company dedicated to improving the way we shop and find cool stuff. We run CheapTweet, a Twitter-based retail deals site, and ZiteFeed, an application that enables e-commerce sites to keep customers up-to-date. We’re also working on a lot of other things, so stay tuned.

As part of my job at Appozite, I write this blog, Appozitegeist. Here I explore issues related to social software, shopping, and style. I love to talk about interesting fashion trends or items I come across, but I also enjoy discussing shopping in an era of ubiquitous internet access, social technology and personalized web interactions. I strongly believe that the way we use the internet is changing dramatically, and that impacts the way we do almost everything. That’s what this blog is about.

I live in Austin, Texas, which is a wonderfully lively, friendly and creative place. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Flickr, and you can follow CheapTweet on Twitter.  I encourage you to leave a comment here on Appozitegeist, email me at jenn at appozite dot com, or find me on one of these other sites. I’m always excited to talk to interesting people about these topics. I look forward to our conversations!