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CheapTweet: What we stand for and why we’re not just another deals site

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Hayes and I have been working hard to define our goals for CheapTweet and set a clear path for how we want the site to grow. As part of that effort, we wrote the CheapTweet Manifesto, which we published on CheapTweet’s blog, but I wanted to post it in its entirety here, as well. This is very important to us at Appozite, as it represents what we stand for and why CheapTweet is more than just another deals site.  So, I give you…

The CheapTweet Manifesto

There’s a lot of talk these days about using the web to save money and about a million deals websites to help you do it. So, what exactly makes CheapTweet different?

CheapTweet is a one-of-a-kind, Twitter-based, deals search engine. In short, we have three priorities: unique, social, deals. Let us explain.

Unique – We bring you deals from all kinds of sources. We have thousands of deals you simply cannot find on any other deals site. This includes awesome discounts from the most creative, talented and cool shops online, not just big box stores, like artisans with Etsy and Artfire shops, local businesses, and small stores of all stripes. Of course we have great deals from all the big names, but we also have just as great deals from the little ones. From Etsy to Overstock, from eBay to Amazon, we’ve got them all and we’re the only site that does.

Social – Our deals all come from Twitter. Anyone can contribute a deal to CheapTweet just by tweeting about it. Unlike most deals sites, we’re not just showing you deals from companies who pay us money; absolutely anyone can get on CheapTweet. The most popular deals make it on our front page based on community feedback: by people retweeting deals on Twitter and by visitors voting on deals on CheapTweet. With CheapTweet, you decide what’s best.

Deals – We want to save you money. Period. Times are tough right now, but even when they aren’t, saving money makes life better. We scour Twitter 24/7 with our deal-hunting search engine to find every possible money-saving opportunity we can. This includes coupons, sales, specials, discounts, rebates, free shipping and every other kind of deal you can imagine. We’ve got more than 230,000 deals on the site right now.

The bottom line is we find the coolest money-saving deals on Twitter and let you choose what’s best. It’s not about which retailers or affiliate networks pay us to when someone clicks on a deal; it’s about unearthing the truly unique and useful things in the Twitter community. We don’t do this to make a few cents off every link you click. We do this because we want you to save money and have more financial freedom. We do this because we want every seller out there – the big and the small – to have a shot at making a better life by selling cool stuff online. We hope you’ll join us in this endeavor.

Unique. Social. Deals. That’s CheapTweet.


Jenn & Hayes

Jenn @ April 8, 2009


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    we wrote the CheapTweet Manifesto, which we published on CheapTweet’s blog, but I wanted to post it in its entirety here, as well. This is very important to us at Appozite, as it represents

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