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Annoucing the launch of ZiteFeed with partner REEDS Jewelers

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I am very excited to announce the launch of ZiteFeed, Appozite’s awesome new software for retailers! ZiteFeed is a web-based service that delivers retailer product feeds directly to shoppers. I happen to think ZiteFeed is the future of product discovery, but I’ll let you decide that for yourself.

I’m also super excited that we launch ZiteFeed with REEDS Jewelers, a top notch jewelry retailer (check them out on Twitter). We’re also partnering with Kadro Solutions to provide ZiteFeed to a number of other online retailers.

Currently in invite-only early access phase, ZiteFeed’s RSS technology easily enables any e-commerce retailer to deliver timely updates on products, events, and promotions to interested consumers. Users can receive product updates on personalized start pages like MyYahoo! and iGoogle, as well as in feed readers such as Google Reader and Bloglines. ZiteFeed also includes in-depth reporting to track and measure customer activity.

I’ve got an invite code especially for Appozitegeist readers! If you’re an e-commerce retailer and are interested in trying out ZiteFeed, use code APZ0109 to create your account at

For more information, email contact [at] zitefeed [dot] com and check out the full launch press release.

Jenn @ January 8, 2009

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