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Stuff that’s so awesome it hurts, Vol. 22


Wow, I’m so late with the awesomeness this week!  To make up for it, this week’s volume has six items instead of the traditional five! Forgive me?

1. b.chyll Chloe Cashmere Cardigan. Word on the street is that this is one soft sweater. I love the silhouette and the colors, and you can’t go wrong with cashmere. Sign me up.

2. Alcove Sofa by Hive Modern. I have a weird thing for red sofas. I love them. This one is so sophisticated, but it also seems cozy. You could snuggle down in and hide from the world. I love it.

3. Dovetail Neighborhood Plates. These are wonderful plates. It’s kind of like a little kid drew a few buildings on an old white plate and then sold them for $24, but I like it. I could eat from these plates on my new red sofa.

4. MacBook Envelope by fernfiddlehead. Though I don’t personally have a MacBook, I know many of you do. You probably need one of these fabric laptop covers to keep it nice and shiny, then. I like this green one, but there are many to choose from.

5. Grin and Bear It Teddy Bear Lamp. This is the stupidest name ever, but the lamp is adorable. I look at this lamp and I imagine all kinds of crazy scenarios where the bear was tricked into taking shots by his cool bear friends, and maybe things got a little silly, and then he ends up passed out with a lampshade on his head. I hope no one took any pictures of his drunken antics.  Poor thing.

6. Catherine Michiels Bob Ring. Oh. My. God. This is the single most awesome piece of jewelry I have ever seen. Ever. I would be so badass in this ring. If it didn’t cost $4,800 I would already have one. As it stands, I’ll have to save up for it, but it will be so freaking worth it.

That’s all for this week. I’ll be on time next week!

Jenn @ November 5, 2008

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