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Black Friday, Cyber Monday and holiday shopping craziness


How many of you got up really early on Friday (or stayed up really late on Thursday) to catch some of those Black Friday deals?  My mom and I used to really enjoy Black Friday and all the associated discounts, but since we live 1500 miles apart now, that’s gotten logistically much more difficult. Plus, I can’t take the crowds anymore. It’s just too much for me.

But I do enjoy Cyber Monday. Really, I enjoy the entire holiday shopping season. But I prefer to get my shopping done online. I’ve found that between Etsy and Amazon, I can get nearly all of my shopping done pretty quickly. (And now, CheapTweet makes that process even easier.)

So, I’m curious. What’s your take on this whole holiday shopping thing? How much shopping have you done already? Do you prefer to shop online or in stores?

Jenn @ November 29, 2008

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