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Announcing Eco-Chic ZiteFight, presented by 302designs

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302designs is an eco-friendly clothing label in Austin, TX.  They make stylish and unique t-shirts that are made from organic, sweatshop-free materials.  I like lots of their designs, but have a particular affinity for Independence and No Limits.

A bit about 302designs, from their website:

302designs is a clothing label whose poetic, artistic & unique clothing inspire, define, and push the limits of the t-shirt fashion status quo. Our sweatshop-free and organic cotton t-shirts convey a powerful, philosophical, and motivational message through our creative and unique approach.

Starting today, Appozite is partnering with 302 to bring you Eco-Chic ZiteFight. It’s a ZiteFight specifically for photos of organic, eco-friendly, or all-natural style.  Anyone can participate; just upload a picture or few of your best green fashion. It can be handmade or store-bought, new or old, as long as it’s eco-friendly.  And the best part? We’re giving away prizes! Details here.

So, go take some pictures of your best eco-chic style and add them to ZiteFight. Or if you don’t have anything you’d consider eco-chic, then maybe you should start with a shirt from 302designs.

Jenn @ November 20, 2008

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