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Stuff that’s so awesome it hurts, Vol. 17


This week, I’m doing a whole list of fashion-related items. I feel like shopping for new clothes, but I should probably save that money for something more important (like a car), so I’ll just do some window shopping. Next week, I promise to fill a volume with all non-wearable objects.

1. Julian Jabour Patent Round Toe Pump. I love, love love white shoes. They look so good with most denim and match basically any top I pair them with. I wear white shoes almost year-round (which is much easier to get away with in a hot place like Austin than it might be for some of you). So these round toe pumps are basically my ideal shoe. Simple, elegant and on sale! Normally this is a $465 pair of shoes, but they’re currently selling at Shopbop for less than $140. That is a good deal, my friends.

2. Plum Bloom Ring by Twist Style. I love Smashing Darling and their whole indie style for the people thing. This particular ring, for sale at Smashing Darling, is a creation of Twist Style, a wonderfully artistic jewelry line.  It comes in several pretty colors, but this plum is just perfect.

3. Whale Tote Bag. I actually already have a tote with whales on it, but this one is super cute, so maybe I should get another. I can think of about 20 other people I know who might like this bag, too. Go Whales!

4. Corey Lynn Calter Dakota Strapless Dress. You really can’t go wrong with black and white. You can wear that combination anytime, it always looks together and sophisticated, and it’s flattering on a number of skin tones. This dress is a great mix of basic black and a fun pattern.

5. Antoinette Lee Designs Vita Clutch. This color really grabbed my attention, but the style of this clutch is really nice, too. I want to carry it with a royal blue dress. Or a black dress.  Or white, or brown, or purple, or green.

That’s all for this week! See you next time.

Jenn @ September 30, 2008

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