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Stuff that’s so awesome it hurts, Vol. 13


As always, I’ve found lots of good stuff this week.  My favorite is probably the little whale, but all of these things are pretty great, so enjoy!

1. Miss Selfridge Teal Bow Ruffle Sleeve Top. The clothing at Miss Selfridge ranges from cute and feminine to elegant and sophisticated, all of it fantastic. This particular top is a good combination of feminine and sophisticated; the bow and ruffles are pretty, while the neckline and drop waist are refined. I love the teal color and this is top is perfect for work.

2. Viva Terra Felted Wool Stones. These are cushions that look like rocks. They’re not actually rocks. They’re cushions. But they look like rocks. You know, in case you want to bring the look of rocks into your home, without actually bringing rocks in your home. Cushions that look like rocks.

3. Vintage Marbro Murano Lamps In Rare Purple Venetian Glass by Swank Lighting. Swank makes a bunch of great lamps, and they have a store in Austin. I picked these beautiful purple ones just to give you a taste, but Swank lamps come in a variety of colors and styles, all of them gorgeous.

4. Acrylic Type Coasters by acd. For some reason, fonts and typography hold a certain fascination for me. These coasters let me share that fascination with all the guests in my home.  They’re whimsical and unique, and they’re made of letters!

5. Baby Whale Costume. One of the best things about babies is dressing them up in embarrassingly cute outfits. Here’s one of those outfits – a killer whale costume! Look at his little fins. Isn’t he cute? Alternatively, you could try the porcupine, the sack of money, or the triceratops.

That’s all for this week. See you next time.

Jenn @ September 2, 2008

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