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Stuff that’s so awesome it hurts, Vol. 14


This is a very eclectic collection this week. And only one fashion-related item! Enjoy.

1. Frank Gehry Cardboard Wiggle Stool. If it’s designed by Frank Gehry, it’s bound to be cool. This stool is definitely cool. It’s made of cardboard! Not that I’m advocating that you run out and pay $500 for a cardboard stool, but it is pretty neat.

2. Cocobola Spinster Wine Stopper. This wine stopper is just beautiful. It would probably end up as decoration for me; I tend to vacuum seal my wines. But, I do love wooden wine accessories. The craftsmanship of this stopper is really impressive.

3. Ella Moss Sprouse Color Block Dress in Marina/Plum. This is a great fall dress! I love the colors and the cut. My only problem is I’m not sure what shoes I’d wear with it.

4. Foliage Handsoap Set. Ha – handsoap. Get it? This product might be too clever for its own good. Too creepy, for sure. But kind of cute.  I’m just not sure what I think about the fact that these look like babies’ hands.

5. LeBijou Hand-Painted Sink. While we’re on the topic of washing, how about this amazing sink?  I’ve never seen such a decadent bath fixture.  The blue background is such a rich, pretty color and I have a thing for patterned sinks. LeBijou makes one hell of a nice (and expensive) sink.

That’s all for this week. I hope you enjoyed it!

Jenn @ September 9, 2008


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  2. valerie September 9, 2008 @ 3:04 pm

    I can has that dress? and sink? but please god, keep the creepy hands away…

  3. Christine September 9, 2008 @ 4:25 pm

    my cat would think that Gehry stool was for her and would have it in a paper puddle in minutes.

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