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Jenn’s research resources: SheFinds

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SheFinds searches the web for deals and cool products. They focus on fashion and beauty products for women (hence the “she” in SheFinds). They post a lot – several new updates every day – and almost every day there’s something I like.

One of my favorite features is the deal of the day, where they keep readers abreast of sales and discounts at lots of great retailers.  For example, today’s deal is 30% off sweater dresses at Banana Republic.  A few weeks ago, they alerted me to 70% off basics at Shopbop.

I don’t love the layout of their site, but the RSS feed shows up just fine in my feed reader.  Either way, SheFinds helps me stay on top of good deals and new stuff, so I don’t have to do it all myself.

Jenn @ September 25, 2008

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