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Jenn’s research resources: Fashion Police

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I love the Fashion Police blog. Their tagline is “fighting crimes of fashion” and they exactly what they do. They feature posts about bad fashion choices, which is both useful (a good place to learn what not to wear) and fun (in a sort of schadenfreude-so-happy-I-didn’t-buy-that kind of way). ┬áThis blog is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I use the phrase ‘guilty pleasures’ because my favorite posts are the Style on Trial and Wear or Die features. Both focus on bad, ugly or just plain bizarre fashion trends or items. There is something awfully fun about critiquing really, really horrible fashion.

A few of my favorites are the mini bowler hat, these Moon Spoon Saloon outfits, and some recent Project Runway disasters.

However, the Fashion Police also highlight items they like, so it’s not all bad all the time. Like this gorgeous black Jovani dress.

Jenn @ September 19, 2008

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