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This blog is a relatively new discovery for me, though it would seem I’m pretty late to the game on this one. Fashion Robot is a fun fashion blog written by 16-year-old Stephanie. That 16-year-old part makes me think about what I was doing in high school, which was certainly not having great style or writing a popular blog about it (though I don’t think anyone was writing blogs when I was in high school).

Anyway, Stephanie writes all about her style, shares experiments and new ideas, interviews other cool fashionistas and just generally has an engaging way about her. I loved a recent post where she mixed feminine and masculine styles, as well as one where she combined bright blue and yellow in the perfect summer outfit.  Her blog is interesting and youthful, and I highly recommend it.

PS – I just noticed Fashion Robot was featured in the NY Times Style Magazine. Yeah, I told you I was late to the game.

Jenn @ August 18, 2008

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