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I love to annotate my photos!

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Today, we released a bunch of new features on ZiteFight. Specifically we added a number of ways people can edit their photos. We added tags, descriptions and labels. Eventually, our goal with ZiteFight is to create a fun and useful community where people can share their style and get ideas from others’ styles. This is a big step in that direction, and we’re very excited.

I’m particularly excited about these features because I think tagging and labeling photos is very, very cool.  You can see it in action on a site like Flickr, like this photo where I highlighted all these deer. Annotating photos (Flickr calls them notes, we call them labels) is a great way to show people interesting, important or hard-to-spot aspects of a photo. I love to annotate my photos. I’m a huge fan of Flickr because of all the neat stuff I can do to my photos there.

For any of the photos on ZiteFight, labels make that photo infinitely more useful to others. I can highlight something in my photo and tell everyone where I bought it, how much it cost, why I like it, etc… If anyone looking at my photo likes something in that photo, they can read my labels and learn more about how they can get one of their own.  And of course, labels don’t have to be so completely commercial. I could include colorful notes about an item, share an interesting fact or humorous comment. No matter what I type as a label, I’m giving the picture more depth, making it more useful for others.

Here’s what a photo looks like now on ZiteFight. You can see that this photo has several labels and a number of tags. I also provided a brief description of my style in this photo, just in case anyone finds it relevant. I expect most people don’t care much, but some people will and these notes are for them.

So yes, I really like to label my photos. Maybe that means I’m a narcissist, but I prefer to think this is one way I contribute to and participate in that big, wonderful world of the web. I see it as a conversation about style. Wouldn’t you like to chat with me?

Jenn @ August 28, 2008

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