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Stuff that’s so awesome it hurts, Vol. 7


This week, I present you with a hodgepodge of things, not all of them new.  I know at least one of these items has been around for several years, but I’m just now getting around to noticing it. So forgive me if you’ve seen any of these before, but I hope you enjoy the rest.

Nelson Omar the Owl Clock. Isn’t he cute? If you’re one of those people who watches the clock all day at work because you just can’t wait to go home, this might be a good way to help take the sting out of a long workday. If you’re not an owl fan, Nelson has several cute animals to choose from.

omar the owl clock

Hello! Skinny Jeans. Coming in three different lengths (that might save you a trip to the tailor), and featuring the oh-so-flattering “barely boot-cut” style, these jeans are supposed to perform quite the magic trick – make everyone who wears them look thinner.  Say what you will about that goal, but I know that it’s damn near impossible to find jeans that are both comfortable and flattering, so if these do half what they claim they will, then they’re awesome.

skinny jeans

Cloud Meeting Room.  There is no way you can sit in this and not feel like you’re meeting inside a marshmallow, but it’s still pretty cool.  I wonder if it’s soundproof. Can people outside the cloud hear what’s going on inside the cloud? It’s a pretty neat idea, but I can’t really imagine the workplace that needs one of these.

Cloud meeting room

Mini Business Card File Cabinet. This seems like a very useful way to organize business cards. I tend to just leave them in stacks all over my office, so filing them away in a mini cabinet would be a great way for me to reduce the clutter on my desk.  Plus, this is the least expensive and most practical item in the list this week.

business card cabinet

Bejeweled Panther Clutch by Renaud Pellegrino. Now for the least practical and (second) most expensive item on this week’s list. This clutch is just so fancy. I mean, if a Swarovski crystal-crusted panther doesn’t scream class, what does? Oh, and I don’t know if you can tell from this image, but he has a green eye. Now that’s attention to detail.  Only $2,285. Why don’t I have two of these already?

panther clutch

That’s all for this week! Check back next week for volume 8.

Jenn @ July 21, 2008

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