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Jenn’s research resources: Design Milk


Like I said the other day, I want to share some of the useful, interesting or just plain fun resources I use when thinking about style, shopping and social software. Today, I want to highlight Design Milk.

Design Milk is blog that highlights good design and cool stuff. They post regularly throughout the week, and their posts are filled with wonderful design – home furnishings, architecture, art, jewelry and more. I find at least one really brilliant and beautiful product every week on Design Milk.

For example, some of the brilliant and beautiful products I’ve seen recently are these zig-zag tables, these bulletin boards, and these colorful wooden tables.

I also love Design Milk because they keep a really useful directory of great shops and other websites and blogs where I can find more cool stuff.  So overall, a useful and fun blog; that’s a tough balance.  Check them out.

Jenn @ July 16, 2008

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