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How do we find products we like?


I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about one of the most fun and most frustrating parts of shopping – finding new things (a.k.a. product discovery). How do we find products we like?

Though this applies to all kinds of products, I’m going to focus on clothing as an example. When I decide I need or want new clothes, I will do one of several things.

  • I go to stores I’ve shopped in before and browse around for things I might like.
  • I visit various stores online, looking for deals and bargains.
  • I ask my friends where they bought what they’re wearing.
  • I read magazines and blogs, and I pay attention to what I see on TV, looking for things I might wear.
  • I might wander into a new store I happen to pass by on my way somewhere else.
  • I flip through catalogs that come in the mail.

The process of finding new things can be fun. I love walking into a store brimming with possibility. I love wandering around, collecting an armload of clothes to try on, knowing that somewhere in that pile is the perfect addition to my wardrobe. There’s something very visually pleasing about racks of neatly hung clothes.

But this process can quickly get frustrating. After a few rounds of dressing room failures, I get tired and irritated (I should always keep a granola bar in my bag when shopping, just to keep my blood sugar up!). There are days when nothing fits the way I want it to, or the colors just aren’t right.

So this makes me wonder how other people handle this. I’m sure many savvy shoppers have come up with interesting and useful strategies for finding new products. For example, Lyda from Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine, has a very specific process when she’s looking for new clothes. She writes:

I like to shop in this order:

  • Color first
  • Fabric second
  • Style next
  • And finally, Size

Shopping color first saves time and frustration. Why look at clothes in colors I don’t like? I can walk past entire displays and go straight to the colors I like. If they don’t have colors I like, I’m in the wrong store.

I love this method. When shopping for clothing, prioritizing by color makes so much sense. I know that I look better in some colors more than others. So I shouldn’t waste time looking at things in pale yellow; I should head straight to blues and purples.

How do you find new things? Do you have a process or strategies that work for you?

Jenn @ June 9, 2008


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  2. Crish October 11, 2015 @ 4:22 pm

    Thanks for the heads up on this site. I can’t wait to start searching on it, but work calls so it will have to wait until after work. What a great clesot. I imagine it being near some sort of pottery studio. I love the colors. It reminds of that great paint color that is on the walls of Restoration Hardware.

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